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MARCH 30 2022

I want to start writing about shooting film at specefic locations or trips where I bring my film camera with me, but I should say that 90% of my photos are from walking around my neighborhood or close to where. I wanted to make this post first to kind of explain how I get most of my photos so it doesn’t seem like I’m driving out to different spots all the time.

Nikon FG with Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on Kodak Royal Gold 200

That photo is from a trail that is less than 10 minutes away from my house.

Nikon F3 with Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on Kodak Ultramax 400

This one is a photo of a house that is about 5 blocks from where my house.

Nikon F3 with Nikkor 28mm f2.8 on Kodak Porta 400

And this one is from a neighborhood to the west of Salt Lake City that is only 15 minutes from my house.

This isn’t a post to rave about how fun it is to take pictures in Salt Lake City, this is just a simple and short post to explain that MOST of my pictures are from me wandering around SLC. And if you are wondering, shooting in SLC is not that much fun. I’ve had fun because I enjoy taking photos and I’ve met some really cool people that I’ve ben shooting with but for the most part the houses are boring and during the winter everything is grey and dead.. The mountains are cool though. I’ve been trying to take more pictures that highlight them since I feel like they are unique to SLC.

Anyway, back to the point, I’m often only out shooting when I have time and I don’t normally have too munch time to shoot so I never punch out too far from SLC. I’d like to change this and start traveling for photos more, but currently, my love for photography is so tied up in the taking part that I’m not very particular about the location.

Nikon FM2 with Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on Kodak Porta 400

That is a photo from Tooele which is about 45 minutes from my house and is probably the farthest that I have travelled just to to take photos. Usually when I travel photography is secondary, I just bring my camera along in case I want to take pictures, and when I take pictures at home I only drive 10/15 minutes, park my car and walk around. Like I said I'd like to start traveling for photography more, but as it is now, my longest dedicated photo trip was 45 minutes away, 90% of my photos are from wondering around and shooting in SLC, 9% are from trips that I brought my camera with my and 1% is from a trip that I went on just to take photos.

Nikon FA with Nikkor 50mm f1.8 on Fuji Superia 200

This is a picture from the front steps of my old house, pretty much as close to home as it gets… I’d be curios to know how you go about taking pictures, do you travel and stay out for a while to shoot at a specific location, or do you go places close to home and just walk around? I’m still working on the comment feature but hopefully soon it will be ready! And as always thanks for reading!